Overcome The Safety Plateau

Take the overwhelm out of compliance. Automatically validate auditable safety & compliance data from different sources and systems, while building safety reputations and a culture to be proud of.

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Empowering everyone at work.

Give employees ownership over data relevant to them as well as their own safety reputation• Break down silos and connect teams, tasks, equipment and companies with all the information they need to do their job safely • Designed by safety veterans • Powered by blockchain technology

Break down traditional silos

The decentralised network allows controlled access to information stored on the blockchain for all stakeholders – regardless of which legacy software systems are in use: manufacturers, employees, suppliers, contractors, regulatory bodies


No more guessing

Smart contracts (powered by blockchain) allow you to assure the following: execution of tasks (transactions); validation of credentials, equipment status, and correct stage in the process; quickly compile data points to build an accurate picture of events leading up to incidents and establish cause, and much more. In addition, their use is incentivised by The BeSure Network’s QDoss Safety Reputation System.

Tedious data entry

Get rid of inefficient paper processes. Whatever digital platform you decide to use, take advantage of traceable, indisputable data collection; earn rewards for good safety behaviour/performance; interactive bots to maintain safety engagement levels

A Radical New Approach to Safety Assurance

We see a future where every element in the safety management system – people, tasks, equipment, and process – has a ‘life story’.

It’s a digital history that can be stored securely & tracked easily; that can verify data origins, attributes and ownership, as well as task fulfilment.

Accessible to all and capable of integration, those who positively participate will be rewarded with their own safety reputation. It will revolutionise workplace safety. 

BeSure brings transparency & trust to safety assurance

Real time collaboration

Bringing every stakeholder securely together to generate a single, accessible, version of the truth.

Incorruptible Data

Contributed to by all, and validated by the network, the history of safety activity is securely stored in the permanent record.

Specialised apps and systems integrations

Apps to optimise and automate safety processes with full integration to existing systems.

It makes good business sense to BeSure...

Visionary companies, with significant health and safety obligations to dischargeare transforming their performance with BeSure technology by increasing productivity, employee engagement, investor confidence and ensuring safer working conditions.

We’re helping solve the big problem of workplace safety assurance and compliance by establishing certainty where there was only the unknown. With the support of renowned UK-based safety organisations, The BeSure Network is currently adding to the list of companies selected for beta testing.

If you have numerous health and safety processes to comply with every day, there is a better way.

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