Our Manifesto

TODAY is another GREAT DAY.

A day to defy convention.

TODAY we will think bigger than we are.

It is a day to push the boundaries and go beyond the so-called limits.

TODAY we think boldly and positively about the future.

For it is ours to define.

TODAY we will take another step to give everyone a voice.

And through this collective voice, create something astonishing.

TODAY is another perfect day.

With Boldness, Agility and Relentless Optimism

We will make a dent in the universe.

TODAY is a day to BeSure.

Our Values


For us, simply doing what others have done doesn’t move the needle.  Taking action and making decisions is critical. Not every decision will be right but we will learn. Not taking a decision is decision to do nothing.

Relentless Optimism

We are optimistic about the future.  We believe that is in our gift to make things better, to create the future we want for our children.  By thinking, talking and acting positively we can be the change we want. We keep going no matter what.

A Voice for All

We believe everyone’s voice is valuable; that their collective contributions can help us all. Therefore, we should listen. But we also recognise that people’s voices are their own and should not be owned by a faceless corporation.
The Team

The BeSure Network was brought to life by an international collaborative effort on the part of workplace safety veterans, technology entrepreneurs and a blockchain-savvy development team.

Ben Churchill


Ben Legg

Non-Exec Director / Corporate Vice-President SH&E Strategy, Assurance and Ops., AECOM

Pedro Pereira

Non-Exec Director / Digital Transformation Leader, SAP 

Ezgi Ildam


Edel Churchill

Co-Founder/Ops & Marketing

Adam Bate

Chief Technical Officer

Norman Crowley

Technology Advisor

CEO Crowley Carbon (Ireland)

Ian Pattison

Industry Advisor

Former Health & Safety Operations Director MACE (UK)

Simon Webb

Industry Advisor

Chief Evangelist (UK)

Mike Robinson

Industry Advisor

CEO British Safety Council (UK)

Seumas Kerr

Non-Exec Director

Managing Director, The D Group (UK)

The BeSure Network was born out of frustration in the lack of transparency and trackable information in today's workplace safety management systems


Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology, the platform gives organisations the ability to make smarter safety-related decisions based on real-time, trusted and easily accessed data.


The British Safety Council (www.britsafe.org).


We are a small tech startup that’s growing fast. If you share our values, want to be part of a social enterprise team with a desire to make every workplace safer, and are ready to pull up your sleeves for some cutting-edge blockchain technology fun then email us. We want to hear from you!



Kemp House,

160 City Road, 



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