We see a future where every element in the safety management system – people, tasks, equipment, and process – are connected in a secure, decentralised network.

The BeSure Project Blockchain

The act of time-stamping a date, location and authenticating a status is called a transaction. Groups of transactions are called a “block”. The BeSure blockchain exists in a state of consensus – it’s in a continual process of self-auditing blocks that are “chained” together in time. 

A blockchain is a decentralised database technology.  Rather than having a single database controlled by one authority, all the members of the network hold an encrypted copy of the data and only allow access and changes when everyone agrees. As a result, transparency is embedded into the shared network and information contained within the block is incorruptible and provides time-slices of history.

The BeSure blockchain provides a distributed and undisputed network of trust where all interested parties can connect to share the relevant safety information that is critical to keeping their work enviroments safe.

Transformative business applications

Blockchain technology creates the ability to generate value and authenticate digital information, opening up a world of opportunities for organisations seeking true safety assurance. The BeSure Project™ platform provides an expanding range of apps to fully optimise and automate safety processes with full integration to existing systems.


Incident time-travel

Transparency occurs through blockchain-based time stamping of date and location, while validating, for example, the authenticity of equipment status or task completion.

The distributed ledger provides an easy way to track backwards from an event, ensuring an accurate “digital history” of all safety-related information leading up to it.

Bottom-up engagement

Safety is everyone’s concern. Systems and processes are only as good as the attitudes and behaviours of the people working in them.

With a reputation & reward system built directly in (Qdoss™), the BeSure platform encourages every stakeholder to contribute and take an active role in making their workplace a safer place for all.


Live safety status

Assess and understand the risk profile of any activities that are underway on any of your worksites – in real time.

Take a dynamic and proactive approach to your leading measures of safety.

"A Universal Safety Protocol: a pioneering platform for safety assurance technology."


This white paper introduces the concept of reputation economics and how it can be applied to workplace health and safety to give ownership to those who matter, the workers.

It will introduce technology mechanisms to create trust between parties and show, and that by allowing workers and employees to own their own safety reputation, we can protect everyone.